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Things That Beat Quarantine: Falling Through the Sky

If you're like me, quarantine's got you reminiscing on the things that once were. For me it's sitting down at a Mexican restaurant, hugging my girls and tailgating in Athens.

Right before life as we know it shut down, I had the opportunity to do something pretty cool.

For Christmas, my mom gave Dewy and me a "flight" at iFly in Atlanta. She was hoping this indoor flight would curb our desire to jump out of a plane (nice try mom).

We started off with a training course where we learned what certain hand signals from the instructor meant, and how to position our bodies while in the air. Then, we suited up in jumpsuits, goggles and a helmet.

We each did two flights, each lasting about a minute and a half. We started by hovering in place with the instructor, and then moving up and down in the tunnel. No cool tricks --- for now.

I'm not sure how soon I'll be jumping out of an airplane, because it literally felt like someone was holding a leaf blower in my face, but it sure beats being stuck at home.

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