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Cháteau Élan: 21st Birthday Spa Retreat

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

A spa weekend... what a treat! And right after midterms? Perfect timing! This is something that my stepmom has been talking about doing for years, so the anticipation was high.


I came from Athens, so I met her at the resort. The hotel was captivating: tall ceilings, natural light, fireplaces in the lobby. I couldn't wait for the weekend to begin!

There was champagne ready for me to pop when I got to the room!

How cute are the glasses?
Aren't the glasses so cute?

We scheduled a wine tasting for Friday evening at the resort's tasting room. We were given a list of wines to choose from; we got to pick 7. I'm not a big wine person, but I was determined to try a variety of flavors. My favorites were the Sauvingnon Blanc Reserve and the Autumn Blush.

For dinner, we ate at The Marc. I had sea salt brined Kurobota pork chop with sweet apple chutney, mac and cheese and sautéed mushrooms. If you read my blog post about Asheville, you know this struck a deep southern cord with me. Delicious!


Finally - the Spa day! Seeking the utmost relaxation, I had a phone-free day. Unfortunately, no pictures.

We slept in, then I had a facial at 11. This was my favorite part, because the treatment is customized to fit the skin type of the customer. It was soothing, relaxing and left my face looking so refreshed!

Drink: The Irish Old-Fashioned
Drink: The Irish Old-Fashioned

After my facial I was given a birthday mimosa (hbd to me!) while I snuggled up in the reading room with a good book.

We ate lunch at Fleur-de-Lis. The restaurant was within the spa, so we didn't even have to change out of our robes. I had the cauliflower rice bowl with corn, black bean salsa, pepper jam and jerk chicken.

Feeling full, I headed to the quiet room for a nap. It was dimly lit with candles, filled with snuggly blankets and accompanied by peaceful music. I wish my school had a quiet room.

After a relaxing massage appointment, I showered and got ready for dinner. I cannot rave enough about Paddy's Irish Pub. We ordered a beaucoup of appetizers to share -- a wise decision. We had loaded potato skins, pretzel bread with beer cheese and spicy mustard, and a three-cheese and bacon panini. Ugh, it was so good!

A few more treats from the weekend:

The Best Part

All in all it was a relaxing, fun-filled weekend. However, the best part wasn't the massage, the wine or even the cookie skillet. It was taking the time to slow down and pause. It's too easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. We fill our plates with school, work and to-do lists. So much so, we often forget to tend to relationships with the people that matter most. This was the perfect time to spend connecting with my stepmom, uninterrupted and distraction free, and I'm so thankful for it.

Cheers to treatin yo self!!!

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